5 things you should know about the dematerialization of insurance

In December 2015, a resolution was enacted that implemented the online and real-time registration of the Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance. According to what is established, all the data of the people who own the insurance can be verified in the National Unique Traffic Registry (RUNT).

But what changes would this new measure bring?

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Here are five things to keep in mind:

1. The dematerialization of the insurance

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Carried out as a measure that will reduce fraud in this type of insurance, since many drivers carried false policies in order to avoid a possible fine. Now, whenever necessary, the authorities can consult the RUNT and if they do not find it there, it means that they do not have a insurance.

2. It does not mean that you should no longer load the insurance in physical

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Since at the moment all insurers are in the process of digitizing everything. Currently, the authority can request the physical insurance as if nothing had changed.

3. It has no additional cost

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This process involves modernizing the system, but it is not equivalent to any extra cost for the users, who will continue to acquire the insurance according to the price set by the government.

4. The dematerialization of the insurance does not alter its validity

The Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance is valid for one year, after which you must decide whether to continue with the same insurer or not. Sometimes, they can offer you different benefits, so it is worth comparing all the companies before deciding. For that, you can use the Inspector Lestrade.

5. This measure will help expedite the affiliation procedures

So that the insurers will consult the vehicle data in the RUNT and then register the policy data directly to the same platform.

Now that you know everything that is going on with the insurance, don’t forget to check when your due date is and request your renewal before you take it by surprise.

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