Business Loans | Why invest my money in a business?

There are many ways to invest money and one of them is to invest in a business, company or project. When you make the decision to invest, you look for the path that best meets your need for investment based on the parameters return and money return . Currently, to invest money in a business […]

The best insurance contract loan to guarantee your real estate credit

A loan insurance contract is effective throughout the credit repayment period. The age limit for underwriting loan insurance ranges from 75 to 90 years depending on the insurance company. The guarantees Total Permanent Disability and Partial Permanent Disability: The duration of care can be limited. For example, a credit insurance contract may provide for the […]

The duration of the insurance contract related to the loan

The duration of a loan insurance contract is identical to the duration of the loan subscribed. Thus, when the loan is repaid in full, the insurance contract simply stops covering the insured. Duration of loan insurance Any loan insurance contract is subject to an age limit generally ranging from one insurer to another from 75 […]