The characteristics of fast loans

An unforeseen payment, a car that breaks down, a problem at home … Many are the circumstances of life in which we need cash as soon as possible. In addition to advances in work or recourse to friends and family, fast loans become a solution for many of these vicissitudes. Fast loans allow you to […]

Mortgage loan amortization: What is better to reduce term or installment?

Are you one of the many people who have a mortgage in Spain? Do you have some money saved and want to pay off your mortgage to reduce the debts you have, but don’t know what is better if you reduce your monthly payment or term ? In this post we will explain the two […]

Loan insurance: important savings for the thirty-something!

The annual cancellation of the borrower insurance is a possibility open to consumers for over a year now, thanks to the amendment Vourguin. However, many borrowers still seem to ignore this right of termination to change their loan insurance. This can allow substantial savings, even with equivalent guarantees with the current contract. The thirties are […]

Consumer Credit

A consumer credit also called consumer loans or personal credit. Based on performance loan, this is often borrowed in Germany as a loan. Easy: Personal Finance – Youtube, you can watch a video explaining the main features of this loan. Consumer credit: Revenues As the name implies, the client’s loan is usually used for a […]

Loan Insurance – Comparative Guarantees

The Mutual of Gumtols Housing Gumtols Mutual Housing Company was founded in 1981. Governed by the Mutuality Code, the insurance company Gumtols specializes in the protection of borrowers in the housing sector. But also against the risks of death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, incapacity for work, disability and loss of employment. Gumtols individual […]